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Rennes 1 University

Université de Rennes 1 is amongst the 12 main universities in France. It is a multidisciplinary university, famous for its excellence and dynamic research.

Located in the center of a city on a human scale, the university is less than two hours away from Paris and one hour from prestigious sites such as Mont Saint-Michel or Saint-Malo. Building on its assets and committed to taking part in 21st-century innovation and knowledge, one of its top priorities is to create a vibrant international university.

It has four main research sectors, linked to four graduate schools: Mathematics and ICT (Information and Communication Sciences & Technologies), Life and Health Sciences, Material Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences.

On a teaching level, it offers degrees taught exclusively in English: 10 master’s degrees, double degrees with international partners and off-campus training sessions.

Its scientific collaborations include 17 International Associated Laboratories (LIAs) and International Research Groups (GDRIs) in conjunction with the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) or the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM).

Numerous incoming and outgoing students, lecturers and researchers from all over the world, in addition to its commitment to increase mobility for non-teaching staff, characterize the global network of Université de Rennes 1.

It currently welcomes over 3,191 international students (13% of the university’s student population) and every year, around 1,000 of its students undertake an outgoing study program or work placement. As a result of its close and long-standing ties with a large number of foreign universities and membership in international networks, the internationalization of teaching and research is continuously growing and strengthening.
Université de Rennes 1 represents 29,000 students, 3,700 employees, 32 research units associated with national research centers, a budget of €292.4 million and more than 250 PhD degrees awarded every year. Its overall goal is to provide researchers and students with a unique opportunity to interact with a broad and global network.

There is currently no student association focused on welcoming international students at the university level, but some exist in specific institutions that are part of the university.

Similarly, there are various alumni association within the institutions of the university but not a global one yet, though the Rennes 1 foundation has launched a project.