Bretons from abroad

How it works

Bretons From Abroad aims at creating an international community of Bretons based on the international students in Brittany and alumni.

The purpose is to build a comprehensive, coordinated, rich and outstanding integration track, and to be with the students before, during and after their stay so that they can:

  • Find great conditions to succeed in high level education,
  • Have a great experience of Brittany,
  • Get and remain connected to Brittany in all possible ways (academic, professional, cultural, social…),
  • Know Brittany well (economy, culture, geography, history…),
  • Fully and definitely feel themselves members of the Breton community.

The community is supported by stakeholders (higher education organizations, local communities, businesses, professionals, cultural institutes, associations…) operating in partnership as a single network.

The principle is to organize a network of exchanges through numerous, easy to handle actions (site visits, mentoring / coaching, lectures, events, workshops, meetings, internships, jobs, cultural and sporting activities, assistance and help, presents, privileged access to special people, trips…). Each stakeholder, including the students themselves, should give and take in the process, so as to make it sustainable.

Bretons From Abroad complements, supports and develops the existing plans or initiatives, facilitating synergies, bringing new resources and strongly involving the civil society.

It is a grassroots community, aiming at effectiveness and long term. It is rooted in volunteerism and cooperation (no stakeholder can reach the goals on its own).

The main focus is brotherhood, students are not taken advantaged of or subjected to any specific interests.

It is open to all international students, and it is therefore a large scale undertaking since there are more than 18,000 such students in Brittany.