Bretons from abroad


ENSAI is France’s Top Graduate School for Statistics and Data Science.

Located on the Ker Lann campus, just outside Rennes, it educates Data Scientists – for the private and public sector – capable of giving meaning to data.

Its Data Scientists are qualified experts capable of collecting, treating, and modeling data, making it possible to derive meaning and inform decision making. ENSAI offers specializations in Risk Management, Biostatistics, Industry, Quantitative Marketing, Big Data, and Official Statistics.

ENSAI graduates have advanced skills in Statistical Modeling as well as complimentary skills in Computer Science and Quantitative Economics. They are unanimously recognized for the quality of the innovative scientific and operational training they receive at ENSAI and their ability to meet the needs of businesses and administrations across a wide array of sectors.

ENSAI’s professors are nearly all members of the Center for Research in Economics and Statistics (CREST) research laboratory, a joint research center which includes researchers from ENSAE and the Department of Economics of Polytechnique Paris, both members of the prestigious Institut Polytechnique de Paris. The CREST lab fosters a dynamic research environment combining both fundamental and applied research in Statistics, Economics, and Computer Science which continually informs and influences ENSAI’s curriculum.

ENSAI has a network of academic and business partners around the globe. The school has 28 exchange partnerships in 13 European countries, as well as other exchange and double degree agreements with universities in Europe, the United States, Africa, and Asia. Additionally, 23% of ENSAI’s students come from abroad.

ENSAI graduates around 100 Data Scientists and nearly 50 Official Statisticians annually. Maintaining manageable class sizes allows the school to make sure students get the personal attention and advice they need to ensure that they succeed in their studies and begin their careers successfully.

There is no student association focused on welcoming international students yet.

The alumni association is the Association des Anciens Elèves de l’ENSAI et de l’ENSAE-CGSA.