Bretons from abroad


Morocco is either #1 or #2 each year in the number of international students in Brittany, with typically over one thousand students.

This doesn’t come as a surprise since Moroccan students speak excellent French and the education system is very similar. There are strong links for instance between Rabat Business School and Rennes School of Business (RSB & RBS! A dean of RSB has become the dean of RBS) and INSA has campuses both in Fès and Rennes. Most schools and universities in Brittany have exchange programs with Moroccan counterparts.

There is also a cooperation between the Souss Massa region and Brittany. The WTC Rennes Bretagne has a club Morocco.

Fun fact: Bretons were sometimes nicknamed the “French Berbers”!

Several organizations are involved in Moroccan-Breton links (the associations are sometimes short-lived):

There are no local groups of Bretons From Morocco yet.