Bretons from abroad


Activities involving international students and alumni are mostly organized by stakeholders, for instance:

  • In Brest and Rennes, the Centers for International Mobility (Centres de Mobilité Internationale – CMI) organize the procedures and local activities to help the international students with the administrative process and discover the place.
  • In Brest, Nantes and Rennes, ESN (Erasmus Student Network) organizes events for international students (usually they don’t focus just on the Erasmus students!).
  • Of course the schools and students associations organize many events and activities specifically for their own international students.
  • The alumni associations organize activities in which the international alumni can be involved, although usually not specifically for them.
  • Many stakeholders (Bretagne Commerce International, the Breton World Trade Centers, cultural associations…) organize events and activities in which international students can be involved.

Bretons From Abroad is supporting these stakeholders and activities and also organizes specific ones such as:

  • Welcome workshops to discover Brittany,
  • Workshops and individual assistance to help international students to find an internship or a job in Brittany or France,
  • Groups around the world to help international alumni to create their own local community.

These activities are currently organized by Global Brittany, and the association also holds monthly workshops to discuss business topics in English (in Rennes). International students and alumni are welcome and can widen their network and discover various organizations.