Bretons from abroad


More than a hundred Japanese students come to Brittany every year. Several Japanese companies have branches in the region (such as Canon, Mitsubishi, Sanden) and the Breton regional council has kept close ties with Japan for decades (the president of Brittany usually visits the country every year). A number of Breton cities have twins in Japan, such as Nantes with Niigata, Rennes with Sendai, Brest with Yokosuka. There has also been an attempt at creating a Breton community in Japan with Bretons du Japon.

The cluster of Japanese companies in Brittany partially stems from the similarities between both cultures: strong values, emphasis on both traditional culture and modernity, work ethics…

Some academic tracks are focused on Japan, as the Franco-Japanese Management Center (CFJM) of the IGR, or the ISUGA at the EMBA of Quimper (targeting Asia but with Japan as one of the key areas). Students at the CFJM organize the Roazhon-Japan festival.

Business activities are supported by Bretagne Commerce International. Cultural activities are organized for instance by Bretagne Japon in Rennes, Envie de Japon and Atlantique Japon in Nantes.

There are no local groups of Bretons From Japan yet.