Bretons from abroad

10 goals

The 10 goals of Bretons From Abroad (if you are an international student or alumnus, don’t forget you are Breton and part of this!):

Connect: The nature of the community is to link, first international students and Bretons, then Bretons and their networks and organizations.

Involve: Bretons From Abroad is a grassroots community with great ambitions, relevant to all Bretons and driving them to get involved in a positive dynamic from which they can draw results directly.

Organize: Collective work on international students’ integration teaches Bretons, their networks and their organizations to better work together and be more effective.

Extend: The community extends local activities abroad or creates new ones internationally.

Train: The involvement of Bretons and their organizations in international activities through the community makes them more operational in the global economy.

Develop: The community is a strategic and smart investment for the Breton community, at the same time productive, of a moderate cost and with cross-cutting outcomes.

Shine: The image of Brittany benefits from the community qualitatively, from an outstanding positive differentiation, and quantitatively, from a mass effect internationally.

Enlighten: The purpose is first and foremost brotherhood and the promotion of openness and progress, confirming the position of Brittany as a positive and dynamic force among the advanced communities in the world.

Strengthen: The addition to the Breton community of tens of thousands of high level executives living in all regions of the world gives more leverage to its operational capacities.

Enjoy: This is a fundamentally positive community, it is only about building, sharing, pleasing and putting forward everybody’s work.