Bretons from abroad

International Student

Bretons From Abroad can give you (including before and after their stay):

  • A second culture and the membership to a second community,
  • A network in Brittany and abroad (with the other Bretons From Abroad and the direct diaspora),
  • A better personal development and the acquisition of skills and knowledge through deeper, more various and interactive activities during your stay in Brittany and beyond,
  • A better potential for your career through more achievements (projects, activities), access to professional networks, mentoring…
  • Better living standards during your stay,
  • Direct assistance for the resolution of possible issues,
  • Better chances of success in your education and projects through better conditions,
  • Happiness.

During your stay, you can bring to Bretons From Abroad:

  • Your contribution to the constitution of the international network of Bretons From Abroad,
  • Your help to projects in Brittany,
  • Resources (knowledge, skills, connections…) that you have due to your own personal experience.

After your stay, you can also:

  • Build projects with Brittany,
  • Come back for tourism,
  • Get involved in professional events,
  • Facilitate Breton activities in your location (international visits, cultural exchanges such as twin cities, events…), ideally in a local Bretons From Abroad group,
  • Get involved in the activities of the diaspora,
  • Help other international students (before, during and after their stay), particularly your fellow citizens,
  • Help Breton students or migrants in their location.