Bretons from abroad

United States

More than a hundred students from the United States come to Brittany every year. Most higher education institutions in the region have an exchange program with counterparts in the US.

A number of cities in Brittany have a twin in the US, like Rennes with Rochester, Brest with Denver, Nantes with Seattle and Jacksonville, Pontivy and Napoleonville. There are countless cultural and business ties, including the involvement of Bretons in the American Revolution to emigration waves of Bretons in the 19th and 20th centuries (maybe 110,000 of them, some of them were Jack Kerouac’s and John James Audubon’s ancestors for instance).

Fun fact: the cronut (a croissant-donut hybrid) has caused quite a stir in New York, but in 2015 a baker in Los Angeles has also created the Kouignut, a donut-shaped kouign aman.

About a hundred American companies employ 5,000 people in Brittany, the US being the leading foreign investor in the region.

There is a large American war grave in Saint James.

A number of organizations are involved in activities with the US:

There is a local group of Bretons From the US in Boston.