Bretons from abroad

UBS - University of Southern Brittany

UBS is a multidisciplinary institution offering undergraduate, graduate and PhD courses in many fields: literature and languages, social sciences, engineering, computer sciences, mathematics, law, economics, business.

It is proud to nurture students’ initiatives and believes in a strong link between students and the faculty.

It values student life, welfare and innovation.

It prepares students for future employment via tutored internships, apprenticeships, practical work and field trips.

It boasts excellent success rates that it believes are due to its teaching which is closely linked with the research undertaken by its research teams.

With over 130 exchange programs worldwide, UBS is open to the world and other cultures.

UBS is ideally located on the coast of Brittany and benefits from campuses at three locations: Lorient, Vannes and Pontivy in the heart of Southern Brittany.

There is no student association focused on welcoming international students yet at the university.

An alumni association is in creation.