Bretons from abroad


Located in the borough of Cesson-Sevigne, part of the Beaulieu university campus in the Rennes urban area, the CentraleSupélec campus benefits from a high-level scientific and technological environment particularly conducive to its development right in the heart of the Rennes technopole.

The campus in Rennes opened its doors in 1972, at the time it was the first Supélec (Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité) campus outside the Paris area. Following the merger between Supélec and the Ecole Centrale Paris it became a CentraleSupélec campus in 2015.

Centrale Supélec as a whole boasts multiple campuses across the country (also in the Paris region and Metz). It has 4200 students and 370 faculty members and researchers, all of whom interact with a global network: three international campuses (China, India and Morocco) and five associated laboratories (Brazil, Canada, The United States and China). It also has successful partnerships with 176 international universities and 140 corporate institutions. Its academic and research excellence is nestled in its firm and fruitful cooperations with large national institutions such as the CNRS, CEA, INRIA, ISERM and ONERA.

It is:

  • ranked among the best universities in the world; 177th by QS;
  • ranked 28th by QS and 35th by THE in terms of employability.

There is no student association focused on welcoming international students to the campus of Rennes yet.

The CentraleSupélec alumni network is 45 000 graduates strong, across a range of sectors in five continents and more than 80 countries.