Bretons from abroad


For more than 95 years, the ENSCR has been training generalist graduate engineers in chemistry for all companies, for careers in production and support services, from engineering to management, for industries in France, Europe and around the world.

Chemical engineering graduates from the ENSCR are recognized and much sought-after on the job market, for their mastery of the ideas and the tools of their trade. They are able to run projects in complete autonomy at the national and international level.

The ENSCR consists of:

  • 480 students-engineers including:
  • 263 in the engineer cycle
  • 201 in foundation courses
  • 15 in a preparatory term (SPI)
  • Some twenty nationalities
  • 80 graduates a year
  • 3000 graduates since the school was founded
  • 2 majors (EPA – CTV)
  • 3 Masters
  • 44 teachers and CNRS research fellows
  • 45 PhD students and post-PhD students
  • 40 administrative and technical staff
  • 5 research laboratories (CIP, CORINT, OMC, CTI, CSM)
  • Fifteen patents in the last 5 years
  • 60 outside speakers
  • 110 international publications a year
  • 100 papers in international conferences
  • 1 newsletter
  • Forty news items year

To help its students succeed, the ENSCR has built up a modern technological environment with:

  • high technology facilities in the research laboratories,
  • a Chemical Engineering Building (PIC) with a technology hall six metres high
  • a digital workspace,
  • an e-training platform,
  • multimedia rooms for scientific and foreign language teaching,
  • total WIFI coverage and laptop computers available,
  • a resources centre,
  • an editing suite with free access
  • a state-of-the-art lecture theatre
  • a videoconference room
  • classrooms and lecture theatres fitted with video projection facilities …

There is a student association focused on welcoming international students, Chimie Solidaire.

The alumni association is the Association des Ingénieurs de l’ENSCR.